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Our Facilities - Injection Moulding Shop

In 2010 we began mass production of injection moulding in the new production hall. We realize the production of complex technical mouldings including high-quality mounting in the automotive, electrical, construction, cosmetic, food, packaging and pyrotechnic industries in their own manufacturing facilities.


We process all standard granulates and we can provide the RF welding, vacuum coating, electroplating, painting or tampo-print, event. hot stamping.


We also produce multi-component parts and 2K production.

In terms of quality we are certified by


ISO 9001 certification

ISO 14001 certification


which guarantees the fulfillment of all the requirements of existing and new customers.


Our strategy is to produce high quality exactly according to customer requirements, maintain competitive prices of our products and fulfil deliveries according to agreed terms and amounts. We pride ourselves on quick and substantive communication solutions to all problems to the satisfaction of both parties. We are ready to answer any questions and look forward to our mutual cooperation.

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